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Best taylormade offering to date still demand a premium dollar but the feel is much better than m1. So while the dispersion area for the old driver is less, the distance when hit off center is also less. If I can get guys there, nobody is ever disappointed. Travel Bags Shoe Bags. Christian Pederson 2 years ago. Finding a good teacher , mentor in golf is the toughest thing thats what i have learnt and then nothing is free and nothing is to be given free golf teaches you that too! Case in point I had the black SuperQuad with a nice aftermarket shaft and was putting them out there nicely!

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FootJoy Golf Clothing [-]. MHB 2 years ago. Joe blogs 2 years ago.

TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver

Lol, in the back of my mind still today! Does any of it make a difference? So I raced to check it out and it was worth the wait just to hold it and when it hit the range all the other golfers wanted a go.


Billy Johnson 1 year ago. We take actual images of the item you are buying! RNit 2 years ago. Would be interesting to see the difference with ball vs ball with Superquad, vs ball vs ball vs M1.

Mens Right Hand Shaft: Jon Brittan 2 years ago. With the ball speeds almost identical I think the real difference is the shaft. Previously they only had 4 weights at cc or the R5 Dual TP with 2 weights at cc, so this is the maximum they can do and it certainly slots very well into their range. Were the shafts and shaft lengths comparable? Amen Corner 2 years ago.

Break it down better.

TaylorMade R7 Superquad Driver | eBay

TaylorMade r7 Superquad TP 9. Andrew Allan 2 years ago. With attack angles consistent and assume path and face angle consistencies as wellthe one with more dynamic loft will produce greater spin loft resulting in a lower smash factor.

So us the data for all the xuperquad.

Next time you see him warming up with that thing, bring the following to his attention:. There are 4 drivers I own that see use ranging in age superquzd 11 to 5 years old. Robert, the really interesting part of your post is that you play shorter shafts. Matthew Underwood 2 years ago. You are a Pro and probably can square the club face better than most.


My testing shows very little difference in drivers M1, Rocketbalz, and Burner at my 95mph swing speed.

So all other syperquad equal, the driver that produces the greater spin loft will also produce the straighter ball flight.

Rye Bread 2 years ago.

Donald Brenda Stage 2 years ago. Russ 2 years ago.

Today’s Golfer

Loved my shame that its now illegal. Your name You must enter your name.

Appreciate that you can laugh at the Launcher reference. Up for sale is my Taylormade R7 Superquad.

Better yet, custom fit the M1 and custom fit the SQ.