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Or you may not like it. If there are any questions, email me. That is accomplished by installing a printer driver on the computer. Windows should now pair with the serial Bluetooth adapter and you should get the following message:. Aux bus or external. Or sign in with one of these services.

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The reticule info is placed on a separate page, it is deserves its own page J.

When the scope stops, the target is not quite in the middle of the eyepiece. It has been reported that this driver also works with the RCX except it doesn’t allow access to its unique features.

Latest firmware is recommended but will run with old firmware backwards compatible with reduced features. The focuser driver conforms to the initial and only release at this time of the ASCOM focuser specification. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. If you are from Italy -contact me- first for shipping quote Orders from a country I will not ship to will be promptly refunded and not fulfilled Note: External view of assembled functional guider only, looking at Guider port input cord will be black in units supplied.

I have got the camera ZWO drivers installed and sharpcap can see it and will connect to it properly. The driver will know all about the things like location, time, time-zone and other settings you have entered into the program. You should be able to get the unbinned pixel size from the camera spec sheet or the manufacturer’s web site.


The first spin of the custom circuit board was successful and provides for:. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Low torque full steps forward:.

However, only phd2 and cdc were connected to the mount, so this indicates that Bill is right.

All that is simple; just download the files, telling Windows you want to open rather than save them, and click through the install dialogs saying yes to everything.

The last bit is used as a strap option for analog motor or stepper motor control. I’ve tried it with and without MonoBin. Layout shows the copper side of board, components go on the non-copper side and feed through the holes.

The setup window which is probably open now allows you to adjust settings for your scope and your needs. Older Availability Full featured: At first it seemed odd to us that you would have to download and install a free program to make your scope talk to your computer, but in just a few years we all got over that and ASCOM became the dominant means of communicating with telescopes. I have been trying to work with the ascom-talk egroup and contact the current code author to be allowed to distribute a derivative work of the Ascom 5 Meade Classic and Autostar 1 driver but have been un-successful so far.

Computer sync makes the telescope computer and the PC computer agree that a target is centered. Already have an account?


Exceeding this limit does not damage anything but symptoms are:. Contact me if interested for full details. To use this type of interface, there must be another device in the link between PHD2 awcom the mount:.

Problem with ASCOM on LX – ideas please? – Discussions – Software – Stargazers Lounge

JPG Small cropped section from 4X: If you say ‘yes’ to the connection option prompt, PHD2 will attempt to read the current guide speed from the mount. Q commands in response to ST4 input direct to the via the Aux bus.

That is, along with the Mallincam, what has allowed me to do or Herschel objects in one night. Aux bus or external.

Technical info on 909 and Aux Bus

If you want to use the same equipment set-up with different binning auutostar, it’s best to create separate profiles for each binning value. Both are fine mounts, but the ME and even the less expensive MX are far more capable and complex and costly than what most of us, and especially your stingy ol’ Unk, want or need. Autoostar was working off the shelf with no changes of any of the default settings Aux bus to the top, ST4 input bottom, Reticule to the left and Analog focus motor to the right.