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You select synthesizers and samplers, dial in sounds, open mixers and set up signal routings – all from this central control spot. All are computed with bit precision algorithms and are thus perfectly suited for bit productions. And because it has 4 dedicated SHARC processors there is no audible latency, and no power is drained from your host processor. The Pulsar ships with a bonus Waldorf 3rd party 2-oscillator module using their famous wavetable synthesis. They can therefore be used with both internal and external signal sources – without DSPs, that would be unthinkable!

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Creamware Pulsar II Classic | DSP Processing Cards Dolphin Music

Inspired by the legendary Prophet VS, Vector synthesis guarantees breathtaking sounds. And it offers you fantastic possibilities.

This works with software integrating and giving you control of the mixing, effects, sampling, synthesis, routing, automation and creamwade much more!

With these packages, you obtain in one fell swoop a synthesizer collection that others only dream about. You’ll find oscillators, envelope generators, effects, pattern sequencers, filters and so on – in short, everything you need to construct synthesizers, drum machines, effect processors and more.


All are computed with bit precision algorithms and are thus perfectly suited for freamware productions. For more info visit the Creamware Modular Synths page. With the DSP card as the reliable hardware and the STS as very powerful sampling software, you have a complete studio sampler right inside your computer.

Every audio pad can connect to any other audio pad connecting the different pieces of gear you use in your studio setup.

How can I Pay?

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Experiment and create your own personal sound! Ask us a Question.

From Analog to Wavetable, Vector and Drum synthesizers – everything is available. Wavetable synthesizer with wavetables, two powerful filters and an integrated effects section. Memory – 14 finished patches complete synths!

Optional extra lists you can sign up for: The master section of the Pulsar mixer features dithering to bit. With the Modular Synthesizer V2 you can also build yourself the instruments of your dreams!

More Info Buy Now. All products from Creamware Dolphin Music. Order Tracking Checkout Basket. Powerful but easy to use arpeggiator. Sign up to our newsletter for special offers and industry news And all of it behaves just like external hardware equipment.


Analog drum synthesizer with eight instruments. Pulsar II gives you a professional digital mixer, a full rack of effects, a collection of high-calibre synthesizers, a powerful studio sampler, a routing patchbay, and dozens of additional studio tools – all right inside your music computer.

You may also be interested in Pulsar features ‘total recall’ for easy storage and retrieval of your set-ups and mixes.

Creamware Scope Pulsar I (1) (working?) $20 [SOLD] – [email protected]

It’s the ideal environment for your creativity. A collection of especially sophisticated studio effects. Adds motion to your music!

With the Modular V2 this is now within anyone’s reach. The system comes with a giant number of software modules which can be freely combined.

Give us a call on or email us. Chorus and flanger of the Master series, MIDI-controllable filter and tremolo, tube-simulation effects, wild-sounding single-sideband processors