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A warning displays with a message: Some HP notebook PCs have multiple hard disk, however they are configured as a single drive. It may be considered by some people as a separate configuration, however other people suggest that error correction, also called fault tolerance, is actually a benefit of Mirroring. I was actually holding off on installing the version of W8 that you let me download, just because my rush delivery recovery media is supposed to be here tomorrow, and it seemed pointless to install your clean W8 if I was just going to have to format the drive and reinstall with my recovery media and bloatware. In striping, data is split apart and stored on more than one physical disk.

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What are the different types of RAID arrays? Message 8 of You may find similar symptoms to a problem you are having with your drive.

HP EliteDesk PCs – Configuring RAID 1 with SATA RAID Controller

Yes, you 96114 correct. We can get your data back quickly. All forum topics Previous Topic. You pay nothing unless your data is recoverable.

It is recommended you, power your system down immediatly! I am trying to use the SSD caching capability of my laptop which it did before when i bought it.


In the meantime, while you wait for your recovery disks bp arrive, you can download this plain W8 x64 OEM ISO file and use that to reinstall W8 on your PC and you can experiment with configuring it to work properly. A warning displays with a message: Because I’d be fine with setting it right back to the way it was, but I don’t know exactly how it bp to begin with. My HDD crashed and replaced it with a new one. Message 3 of The hard drive test still passes both items.

The computer sees multiple disks in a RAID array as one contiguous hard drive, with the goal of providing better data reliability or faster performance. With this configuration, if one physical disk fails, some of the data can be reconstructed. So maybe it had little effect since the SSD is now running optimally, and will continue to do so.

HP Notebook PCs – What is RAID technology?

Hopefully using the recovery media will make things right again, but if not, please read this article about getting your HDD’s configuration set correctly. Call us at for more information about our services. All data on selected disks will be lost.

Call now for a free quote: RAID technology allows improvements in data redundancy and speed. You will be able to upgrade to W8.

HP EliteDesk PCs – Configuring RAID 1 with SATA RAID Controller | HP® Customer Support

That is what the file is, and when you go to install it, the product key will just populate the spaces where you used to type in the product key. This mirrored array provides some file redundancy, however this can reduce the amount of space that is actually usable on the hard drives.


Exit for the new rzid and press the Enter key. With mirroring, the data is probably recoverable even if one disk fails. For the majority of the home and small business notebook computers, HP does not encourage or taid the use of a RAID array.

Writing the data to multiple locations on the hard disks can also slow overall system performance. Message 2 of 2.

Unfortunately, my recovery disc is not working so i fresh installed new WIN7. Note on archived topics. Unfortunately, I do not know who you can talk to lsptop would have the technical and hardware engineering experience to explain the whys and wherefores. After you install W8, you get the upgrade to W8.