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Any help would be greatly appreciated. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I had this error but with motherboard drivers, I fixed it by installing older version then update. I think because it’s still beta. If you have any ideas they’re welcome.

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Do you have a guide for running a newer game below the minimum requirements? No, it is options for mostly video media playing. NET Framework 4 to a new state. I disabled the auto update too. Thanks for your reply anyway.

Thank you so much. So I don’t know how drivers works on it: The download section is here: No, version 3 Beta is still latest.

I have registered myself to the Teknogods but unable to activate my x4050mhd. Is it better or worse with this modded driver? Alex January 4, at 9: I really have no more ideas, Maybe try to install in safe mode just guessing: Full readme for rev 2. Also if I have problems with deleting drivers, I sometimes use Driver cleaner pro after deleting drivers.



I installed it atleast 30 times, and everytime it would show up under driver properties as royalbna. I used them more than year, year and half, maybe more without problems, and also many people use them.

Or download from these links: I’m trying to fine tune the revised driver again as I mistakenly deleted the wrong drivers and the best I can re-tune the drivers to is about pts in 3DM06 so far. These are modded drivers, if you don’t want to install inyel than just install latest official drivers.

Has anyone tried these modded intel hd drivers? : lowendgaming

NET Framework 4 from Microsoft, but when I was about to install it, it only gave ,odded the options to repair or remove it. No error at all.

Legend May 24, at 6: When I go to uninstall the driver, a window pops up and it says: Skill Memory Products G. Then install again, x5400mhd see.

Thank for all your help: I did install of RoyalBNA more than 10 times on 2 different laptops and it worked great every time.


I think because it’s still beta. Cyberlega March 29, at 4: I tried version 3 64 bit and the same error showed up.

Can you re-upload them in different file hosting server? RoyaBNA is still working on version 3, when it comes out I will give notice here on blog: And i tried to install the old driver but that didn’t help. Intel T Dual Core 2. Just when I thought my laptop was doomed!