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The Euphemia font is a replacement for the original “Pigiarniq” font developed by Tiro Typeworks in Get the Unicode keyboard driver, and instructions on how to install it and do input in Unicode. Unicode fonts do not all contain all Unicode codes, but generally, Unicode fonts for Inuktitut can also display roman characters. Enable Inuktitut keyboard In the task bar icon tray at the bottom right you should now have an indicator with “EN” [or “IN” if you choose Indonesian] on it. Loading, installation and activation In order to be able to type in Unicode Inuktitut syllabic characters at the keyboard of your computer, you must have a particular keyboard driver installed. For OS X users, follow instructions below.

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Download the Inuktitut keyboard driver: Get information about input with Legacy fonts. Tiro Typeworks continues to be an innovator in Inuktitut font development – recent fonts have included a custom ‘Brush” style syllabic font used in the titling of Pirurvik’s book “Surusiqsiutit Inngiutit”. The simultaneous creation of this font was to show users that new opportunities existed for Inuktitut text.

Whoever you are, “OK” your way out of the control panel. Just press any key for characters at the bottom of the keys. Get the Unicode keyboard driver, and instructions on how to install it and do input in Unicode. This site uses cookies for statistical and advertising purposes. As for Legacy fonts, which are 7-bit or 8-bit fonts, they were developed before Unicode and were the only way at the time to display syllabics.

Inuttitut-Nunavik AiPai keyboard driver for Windows.


Kegboard Shift with any key for characters at the top left of the keys. If you duplicate the Inuktitutnakvitot text and input it into an email message, it may happen that- you see the Inuktitutnakvitot characters perfectly, but the people to whom you will send the email message, won’t see them properly.

Press Shift with any key for characters at the top of the keys. Choose the Nunacom layout.

Click this icon and it should pop up indicating your current keyboard as well as at least one other option – IN for Inuktitut keyboard layout. The differences lie mostly with some punctuation marks inuktituh with how the dotted long syllabic characters are produced. Unicode fonts have a completely different more flexible and inclusive means of representing characters than straight bytes but this is less important than the fact that Unicode fonts are inclusive, not exclusive, and codified by international standards that all computers can understand, if they want to.

Inuktitut Keyboarding Resources

Specific rule As the Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics system does not present any distinction between lower and upper case, the first letter of the first word of each sentence is artificially rendered inukfitut a capital letter when transliterated in Latin alphabet. Such a driver interprets the keys that you type according to a certain keyboard layout that maps the syllabic characters onto the keys of the keyboard. In general, authors of documents specify which character font should be used to display the text.

When you unzip the zip file to extract kbdiu. Suitable for Nunavut’s Inuktitut, but not for Nunavik’s Inuttitut because there is no provision for typing the AiPai characters.

How to use Inuktitut Keyboards

Right-click on the setup module ‘kbdiu. Change language Give Feedback. Add Inuktitut keyboard Load System Preferences under the Apple at the top left hand corner of the screenthen select “International”. They are highly readable and useable at low point sizes. Pick a keyboard language – Indonesian is our substitute font of choice because it is in the form “IN”.


How to use Inuktitut Keyboards | Pirurvik

Keyyboard evade this problem, you have to save the Inuktitutnakvitot text in a word processor, such as- OpenOffice or Microsoft Word and after that you need to send the text file as an attachment.

The Inuktitut virtual keyboard allows you to enter characters with a click of your mouse. Beside typing Inuktitutnakvitot accents, this page will permit you to edit your text in inuktityt particular box and then you just need to copy the text to your document or e-mail message and so on. Choose “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows “.

For example, to get the same character in AiPaiNunavik, one has to press the Alt key, and while it is pressed down, the t key.

Legacy Syllabic Fonts – Non-Unicode: Caps Lock – syllabics, Caps Lock Off – letters. When keyboadr is not specified, and the browser does not know which font to use, it will display small empty rectangles in place of characters.

A full version of this font will likely be made available by Tiro at a later date.